Premature Ejaculation Treatment


points out that the problem of premature ejaculation involves complex diagnosis (since it is not easy to make such a diagnosis) to establish premature ejaculation cause, so it most often includes:

  • conducting tests using anesthetics and antidepressants (to determine whether a disease is a psychological condition or hypersensitivity);
  • urethroscopy and ultrasound of pelvic organs (for infectious causes of disease to be assumed);
  • in the case of infection and inflammation, analysis of the urethral discharge, blood and urine analysis can also be done.

Treatment Plan

If the diagnosis of premature ejaculation is still confirmed, the specialist will prescribe a set of therapeutic measures in accordance with what provoked the disease.

Most often, for treatment of premature ejaculation, pills, and other drugs are used against this disorder and the diseases it caused, as well as a set of therapeutic procedures. All medications and procedures are selected individually, proceeding from what became the trigger disease’s mechanism (accompanying problems) and the patient’s body characteristics.

So, in case of inflammatory processes in pelvic organs (prostatitis, vesiculitis, etc.), special anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs are prescribed as therapeutic measures, which allows getting rid of both inflammation and premature ejaculation, which usually appears only as a symptom. In this case, various medicinal herbs and preparations with corresponding anti-inflammatory properties are widely used.

When the cause of the disorder is a psychological state or hypersensitivity of nerve endings, it may be prescribed:

  • use of anesthetics, which must be applied to penile tissues 10-15 minutes before planned sexual intercourse; In some cases, injections are also used, which should be done by a specially trained specialist (the procedure is performed under local anesthesia);
  • antidepressants or other sedatives that need to be taken only under medical supervision;
  • physiotherapy: various physiotherapeutic methods allow stimulating corresponding parts of the brain, spinal cord or genital organs, reprogramming them and preventing too rapid reaction to sexual intercourse (having a sedative effect);
  • massage or acupuncture may also be prescribed, which are considered to be quite effective premature ejaculation treatment, to get rid of this disorder;
  • in rare cases, surgery can also be offered, including circumcision (usually with phimosis) or suppression of nerve endings. The latter method is considered too invasive procedure and is recommended extremely rarely, including because it can lead to a complete loss of sensitivity.
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Most often, premature ejaculation treatment is carried out not only under the urologist supervision, but also a psychologist (sexologist), because of a problem’s intimacy and complexity, from a psychological point of view. Classes with a psychologist often involve both partners participation, which allows achieving effective results in a short time. Consultations of psychologist allow not only to resolve psychological problems (get rid of neuroses, phobias, etc., related to a personal sphere), but also master the techniques of self-control and self-regulation, which are often very effective as a way to get rid of premature ejaculation.


Prevention of premature ejaculation can be considered:

  • regular sexual life with proven partners and appropriate remedies that avoid venereal diseases. Venereal diseases, in turn, are one of the main causes of infectious diseases of pelvic organs (urethra, prostate, etc.). In case of impossibility of protected sexual contact it is recommended to carry out appropriate hygienic measures using antiseptics;
  • in case of nerve endings hypersensitivity, it is necessary to use not only a condom but also appropriate anesthetics and sedatives;
  • maintaining general body state: diet, exercise, taking vitamins and reducing stress;
  • preventive visit to a urologist (not only in case of appearance of various symptoms and problems). Early diagnosis of genitourinary system diseases allows you to avoid serious complications, including premature ejaculation. It is not recommended to engage in self-medication, because only a doctor is able to make a correct diagnosis and really knows how to treat premature ejaculation.

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